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43 Total Reviews /files//lutes-logo.png574-272-0538$51539 Bittersweet Road, GRANGER IN


LUTES HEATING & A/C INC/files//lutes-logo.png$574-272-053851539 Bittersweet Road, GRANGER IN
LUTES HEATING & A/C INC/files//lutes-logo.png574-272-0538$51539 Bittersweet Road, GRANGER IN starstarstarstarstar 4.6 / 5 | 43 Total Reviews

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LUTES HEATING & A/C INC/files//lutes-logo.png$51539 Bittersweet Road, GRANGER IN 574-272-0538"Updated review (29/05/2020): After posting the original review (see below), James (Lutes operational manager) contacted me and I offered him an opportunity to fix the situation by stopping by and providing a real evaluation. He accepted and promptly stopped by to take a look at the AC system. With me standing by, James explained step by step how he was approaching the diagnosis. He easily connected the pressure gauge to measure the refrigerant pressure. Then he checked the compressor. It took him just a few minutes to find a damaged cable powering the compressor and repair it. The AC system that had been declared dead by the first technician is now working like a charm. The compressor was clearly not seized and no need of refrigerant as initially diagnosed. He admitted that the repair was a super easy one to identify and zero cost to fix it as there was nothing to replace. He could not explain how the first technician missed the damaged cable. While James eventually did fix the system and demonstrated his skills, he has not provided a compelling explanation on the conduct of the other employee, nor Lutes has offered any form of compensation for the inconvenience they produced to my family. Had I not insisted on a thorough evaluation, I would have not received one despite being charged for that. I still do believe that they have no interest in repairing systems as selling a new one is way more profitable, as James admitted. As such, my opinion of Lutes has not fundamentally changed. I encourage other customers to report similar experiences as this is the only way to unveil unethical practices by companies like this...Original review (27/05/2020): Unprofessional, incompetent and super overpriced. If your system is not under warranty they will try to inflate repair costs to sell you overpriced systems. I called Lutes to repair my old A/C. They charge a $99 service call fee. They did not show up the first day nor they called to inform me about the cancellation until 10 pm. The technician eventually showed up the next day. Without even touching the system he said I had a refrigerant leak but was not able to verify the line pressure as he doesn’t carry the appropriate coupling. He kept saying that my system was very old and was time to replace it. I insisted for a diagnosis and for a repair quote which he never produced. He said that “the service fee does not include diagnosis, it’s only for the trip”. He said it would be too hard to find the leak, the old R22 is very expensive, he would have to charge me $144 per pounds plus installation and my system requires 7 pounds. Plus, he said the access to the line to test the pressure was located in an "inconvenient" place and it would be dangerous for him to recharge the system. He then said the compressor was seized and replacing it would cost almost as much as a whole new system. He called his boss and the boss confirmed his untested hypothesis and pledged to stop by to double check but never did. It quickly became apparent that the company policy is to cash the $99 and leave the customer with no proven diagnosis nor repair option and the sense that the system must be replaced and not fixed. Essentially, they are only interested in pushing the customer to purchase a whole new system. The salesman, Brian, showed up right after the technician left and quoted me the cheapest 2 Tons single-stage option they carry at $10,000. He said that replacing the two AC systems in my house, which he highly recommended as the other system is even older, would cost 20K. I told him that, based on my research, that was 2 to 3 times higher than the average cost for the low efficiency 13 SEER system that he quoted. The salesman then showed me a quote from a competitor (Great Lakes) for a similar system at 12k to convince me, which I thought was very unprofessional (plus that did not surprise me about Great Lakes). Despite the lack of professionality and competency, I am not upset with the technician, nor the salesman. They clearly do what they are asked to do. I do question Lutes integrity as a company."
from South Bend, IN on June 3rd, 2020
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