3 Signs Your Furnace May Be on its Last Leg

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No one likes to think about replacing major items in the home. First of all, they normally stop working the second you need them the most, which feels like adding insult to injury. Secondly, the term "MAJOR items" sounds like it should cost a fortune, and lastly, we are all busy people that don't have the time to be at home waiting to have something fixed. The reality of life though, is that items like your furnace will eventually stop being "fixable" and you will need to invest in a new unit. While you can't predict the moment it will breathe its final breath, you can watch out for warning signs that it is about to go out, and at the VERY least start the planning for getting a new unit.

I do have some good news for you..new units often end up saving you lots of money...but that is a topic for another day.


Is your furnace extra noisy? Not just normal background noise, but obnoxiously loud? Bad news...this is one sign that your furnace is near the end of its life. Keep an "ear" out for loud furnace noise like popping, rattling or loud humming sounds, and call us when you hear it start to occur.

2. Your living room is hot, your bathroom has icicles!

Does it feel like a tornado could break out in your home at any given moment because of the difference in temperature in different areas of your home? This is another sign that something isn't quite right with your furnace, and it may be about to sputter and quit. If you can't take the temp difference between rooms, give Lutes a call and let us see if it might be time for a new unit.

3. Your furnace remembers when Carter was President!

Age isn't the only telling factor for a furnace, but 15 years is the mark when you should start looking at how your unit is stacking up. Even though many furnaces should last you up to 25 years, it is at the 15-year marker when many people start seeing the energy bills going up due to the inefficiency of their current furnace. If your maintenance costs are skyrocketing too, it is probably time to start planning on getting a new unit.

While there are other items to keep an eye out for, this is a good list to start with. Remember, when you get right down to it, while a new furnace is a large investment, the cost savings with your energy bill may end up having you break even when it is all said and done. Call Lutes today and let us take a look at your furnace. We are not on commission, and will only recommend what you NEED, not extra items you don't so we can make a few extra dollars. Lutes Heating and Air is quality you can trust!