We value our customers and offer 15 percent savings on parts and labor through our Safety and Efficiency Agreement.


* Priority service *
* Extended warranties *
* Peace of mind *


This one-year pre-paid agreement gives you both spring and fall maintenance with our 23-point precision tune-up and professional cleaning. This program includes:

* Cleaning the furnace and humidifier drains
* Checking freon levels in air conditioning units
* Replacing or washing standard air filters
* Testing all safety controls
* Lubricating all moving parts
* Adjusting drive belts and pulleys
* Testing and securing all electrical connections
* Testing humidifier operations
* Cleaning heat exchangers, burners and pilot assembly
* Vacuuming all combustion, flue, burners and draft diverters
* Testing motors, starting capacitors, and run capacitors
* Electronically testing for carbon monoxide
* Testing, measuring and recording operating temperature and pressure
* Testing for gas leaks

At the conclusion of testing and cleaning, we provide you with a full written analysis and any recommendations we have to keep your system running at peak levels.


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